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Indonesia's Premier Organic Rice Supplier

50 tons of premium organic rice, ready in under a month!
For quantities above 50 tons, reach us at info@wellfarm.id

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“Our vision is to let the world experience the delicacy and subtlety of Indonesia’s best organic rice; expanding our delivery to every region across the globe.”

Why WellFarm?

Established in 2018 after more than 10 years of development, WellFarm has become a regional leader in the production and distribution of rice. Our organic rice production can reach over 200,000 tons / month, and is distributed in several countries.

Quality is our north star. All stages–production, packing, transport, and distribution–are under the constant supervision of highly trained staff to ensure only the best quality products are distributed to customers.

Striving for a consistent and sustainable development strategy, our highly regulated production process not only adheres to international production standards but also aims to find ways to be friendly to the enviroment.

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